the-girl-who-threw-butterflies-coverBy Mick Cochrane
Alfred A Knopf Books, $15.99, 177 pages

The Girl Who Threw Butterflies is a charming story about an eighth-grade girl who attempts to find her own way after losing her dad in a car accident six months earlier. Her mom is despondent, her teachers treat her differently, and her best friend Celia is right there by her side. She misses her dad who taught her everything about baseball, even how to throw knuckleballs; theirs was a mutual love of the game. Molly soon joins the school’s baseball team, quitting girl’s softball because she wants to play the real game of baseball.

This story demonstrates the true human spirit when desire overcomes trepidation. The author, Mick Cochrane exemplified his devotion and understanding of baseball in this account of Molly’s world, bringing tragedy to victory. He deftly draws the characters in our imaginations with vivid descriptions and crisp detail, and allows the story to predictably, yet eagerly, unfold. A good read for someone coming into their own, or about to!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,

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