greatest-manBy Steven K Scott
Waterbrook Press, $19.95, 339 pages

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived successfully brought Jesus, the man, into the twenty-first century with practical uses of Bible verses written over 2000 years ago. This book does not use the religious lingo that usually sets eyes to glaze with the speed of an Olympic, short-distance runner. It simplifies the complex, asks questions of history for contemporary problems, and utilizes today’s tendencies and technology, such as GPS systems and the Starbucks coffee craze, to make it practical.

Author Steven K. Scott breaks down his narrative into six aspects of Jesus’ life; Meaning, Mission, Message, Manner, Method and finally, Mission Accomplished, each one giving a specific perspective on Jesus’ poignant teachings with the decisions we make in our everyday lives. His instructions create success in whatever we set out to do, whether it is healthy relationships, career ambition or just plain happiness. His perspective is basic in its delivery and makes no apology for the sometimes unpopular stance to be Christian. In the end, he begs the question, “Who is Jesus?” and presents the facts to meet him as a person and yet, the Son of God. Unquestionably, this is the definitive work of a once-disbelieving man who truly discovered who Jesus actually was and is even today.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,

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