whiskey-gulfBy Clyde Ford
Vanguard Press, $24.95, 255 pages

Whiskey Gulf is the story of an ex-Navy man turned private investigator. Initially, he’s hired by a local yacht club in the Pacific Northwest to find a missing couple and their boat, the Rebecca Anne. However, Charlie Noble stumbles onto much more than a missing persons quest. Officially, he is brought in to investigate the disappearance from a risky military area between northern Washington and the Canadian seas called Whiskey Gulf. He must use his past military skills and connections to navigate the barriers of the Canadian and American governments and the possibility of terrorist activity whilst tapping into his long-time obsession of all things boating to find the Kingsleys. He hooks up with his long-time Native American friend Raven, and the two set off for the unknown adventure.

Author Clyde Ford takes the reader on a wild ride intertwining military existence with that of a life completely relinquished to the ways of spiritually communing with nature for clues and to save their own lives. Ford captivates with his detailed knowledge of both these environments, bringing them together in an extraordinary union of two separate worlds. This powerful suspense tale will leave you reeling and wanting more.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,