vanishingBy Donita K. Paul
Waterbrook Press, $13.99, 398 pages

The Lord of the Rings meets The Chronicles of Narnia in this impish tale of a young emerlindian woman named Tipper who has unknowingly changed the course of fate for her missing father by selling his artwork to keep the rest of the family alive. She must set off on a quest with her friends to recoup the sculptures she’d sold. The Vanishing Sculptor takes you on a fantastical adventure of wildly imaginative creatures in another world. While the story is unique with many twists and unpredictable events, it bears a remarkable likeness to former literary works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The characters, including dragons of all sizes, oversized parrots, tumanhofers and so much more, are easy to accept in this netherworld and identify with even in their nuances of logic and rhetoric. Donita K. Paul has written the DragonKeeper Chronicles series and does not disappoint with this sixth poignant tale.

Reviewed by M Chris Johnson