By James Stuart Bell
Howard, $14.99, 218 pages

James Stuart Bell, prominent writer, editor, company director and publisher with 30 years’ experience, compiled God Encounters: Stories of His Involvement in Life’s Greatest Moments from 40 published authors’ stories of God’s intervention in our lives. These authors wrote stories from their hearts, giving their account of a God encounter that moved them. Some examples of the stories include an alcoholic husband traveling across country to enter a 30-day rehab program and an angel on his flight unknowingly makes sure he gets there safely and soberly. And then there’s the one of the small-town wife who just had triple boys, her husband was injured and lost his job and all she has is $10 for groceries. Tale after tale of circumstance we all have heard about or even experienced ourselves; a difficult labor, a miscarriage, an atheist’s struggle for truth, an artist plight, slavery. Everyday experiences, both good and bad, but the common thread in these tales is God’s love for us as humans, that He does answer prayers and watch out for us. There is something for everyone in this book. Brilliantly orchestrated publication!

Reviewed by M.  Chris Johnson