By Cressida Cowell
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $5.99, 241 pages

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is back in the fourth How to Train Your Dragon book. In this gratifying sequel to the wildly popular original and now movie, Hiccup’s best friend, Fishlegs, comes down with a nasty cold. When Hiccup takes his friend to the town doctor, Old Wrinkly, he discovers he has been stung by the Venomous Vorpent and needs to acquire the antidote; the rare and fabled Vegetable-That-No-One Dares-Name, a potato from Hysteria. Fishlegs has only hours to live if Hiccup doesn’t get the potato back in time. He sets off with his friend Camicazi and his pet dragon, Toothless, on a deadly quest. Author and creator Cressida Cowell doesn’t disappoint in the new adventures of Hiccup and his Barbarian friends and family. She introduces new scary dragons and creatures such as the Squealers and the frightening Doomfang. Page-turning excitement on every page and wonderfully authentic graphics throughout the book will keep young readers reading!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,