By Saly A. Glassman
FT Press, $19.99, 215 pages

Saly Glassman, Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch, authored this investment strategy manuscript It’s About More Than the Money. Ms. Glassman is more than qualified to write a book on investments, with her 30 plus years of financial services experience and investments of over $2 billion for individuals and businesses. She cleverly breaks down all-things-investing into small, bite-size pieces, allowing even the most novice of investors to grasp the strategies she’s laid out. While her book offers a necessary step-by-step investing guide, its strongest assets are her advice on understanding investments, bouncing back from mistakes, knowing when to buy and when not to, tax implications, finding the right investor and how to simply let them (and your investments) work for you. Basically, she delves into the immense dynamics of emotions in investing; what feels right, building trust, eye on the prize for the bigger picture and ultimately the integrity of investing. The appendices offer formulas for the reader to use to calculate their personal strategies for financial freedom. This is the bible of first-time investing, and a must-have for everyone considering their own future financial security.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,