By Ray Tedman
Reynolds & Hearn, $19.95, 160 pages

Heath Ledger – Living By Instinct is a biography written by Ray Tedman documenting Heath Ledger’s all-too-short life (1979-2008) in full-page color pictures, collages, captions, and articles. His life is broken down into chapters chronologically by films he participated in. A hardcore Heath Ledger fan would find this 160-page memoir a bit disappointing with no secrets being revealed or insights into the decisions he made as an actor beyond the interviews he already gave. There is also very little depth into his relationships; both personal and professional, only mentioning a couple quotes from directors Ang Lee, Marc Forster, and actor Billy Bob Thornton in the chapter sections. What this book does do is provide one who appreciates Heath Ledger’s work, a superb remembrance of his life, an impressive coffee table book for flipping through the myriad of collage photos and a quick glance into his illustrious career-life. Towards the end of the book, author Ray Tedman donates a chapter to quotes from actors, actresses, directors, and promoters on his untimely death. The final chapter is quotes from Heath himself on his fame, quick-rise to stardom and his philosophies regarding his own career choices. A poignant depiction of an unbelievably talented young man, Tedman gives Health Ledger honor in this tome.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,