By Starr C. Osborne
AMACOM, $18.95, 199 pages

Home Staging That Works – Sell Your Home in Less Time for More Money written by Starr C. Osbourne is designed for the home owner who wants to sell now in this discouraging market. A soft cover book with only black and white pictures, the author offers easy to follow ideas to make your current home and furnishings more presentable to perspective buyers. Osbourne is the owner and founder of a home staging Design Company and her expertise shows. She breaks down the whole process of selling your home from the initial decision of selling to the first showing. This book teaches you to tailor your presentation to your generational audience. Before and after shots of each room and entryway aids in the comprehension of her selling principals. There were too many specific brand endorsements, almost to the point of commercialization, but it also lends to the credibility of her expertise in actual hands-on experience. Osbourne has encouragingly written this home selling help book as if she were standing in your home, telling you what you need to do. This book offers staging advice that will increase your home sale price and success.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,

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