By Noam Shpancer
Henry Holt and Co., $24.00, 238 pages

The Good Psychologist is a brilliantly written, fictional story of a practicing psychologist who mundanely goes through the therapeutic process with his many patients and also teaches a night psychology class. He stumbles onto an intriguing exotic dancer needing his services with her stage fright. As this professional relationship ensues, the good psychologist finds his personal life turning into that of his patients. Nina, the longtime love of his life and former colleague wants to have his child but she’s already married to someone else, which seemingly suits him fine until his detached façade begins to break.

Hauntingly poetic ironies of characters with an almost Shakespearian-like quality, The Good Psychologist delivers a masterfully written tale with no regard for grammatical accuracy like those pesky quotation marks and proper names. It takes you on an excursion into the psyche of a fragile, albeit educated mind of a psychologist, unguardedly tempting the readers with its paralleled plot twists and emotional workings of the inner mind. You won’t view therapy in the same way after reading this fascinating, page-turning novel by Noam Shpancer.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,

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