Welcome to Portland Book Review! I am ecstatic about this new adventure and all the possibilities it will bring to everyone involved, including its readers like you.

Our first printed newsletter will be out in March 2011. It will include about 125 book reviews and be published quarterly for this coming year. My hope is to print monthly in 2012. We’re still working with merchants to be distribution recipients so where you can pick up a copy is yet to be determined. We’ll post those sites as soon as we get them on our website.

In the meantime, we will be keeping this website up-to-date with over 200 book reviews and will update it weekly for articles of interest and news events.

To give you a little background on me and how Portland Book Review came into being; I became a book reviewer in November 2008 for Sacramento Book Review, Portland Book Review’s parent company. Quickly, they added to the mix San Francisco Book Review and I jumped onto that opportunity as well. I enjoyed every aspect of writing reviews for them but always felt I wanted more. In February 2010, I was laid-off from my job and couldn’t find work. More than that though, I couldn’t find myself; what I wanted to be when I grew up. So, I went to Sacramento Book Review’s owners and said, “Let’s Talk Portland Book Review”! They were equally excited and have been nothing but supportive in getting us to this point of launching what I envision to be a monumental addition to Portland and its wonderful communities!

Portland is an eclectic town of people and events! We love our pets, our scenic outdoors and all that that offers, our bikes, our food, our wine and microbrews, but especially the love of reading, our authors and our books.

Welcome to Portland Book Review and please let us know what interests you and how we can share in your joys of our beautiful, full-of-life city!