by William Shakespeare with an introduction by Julie Taymor
Abrams, $29.95, 176 pages
Julie Taymor’s new film, The Tempest, adapted from the play by William Shakespeare is a cinematic marvel in book form. Jonathan Bate, eminent critic and Shakespearean expert, deftly contributed the Foreword adding William Shakespeare’s life-history with his work as a playwright. Spectacular photos from the film make up a large part of this book but more than just still-shots bound in a book. Pages and pages of eye-catching, fantasy-style photographs fill this movie-to-book bound purchase. The screenplay script accompanies the shots and storyline making this such a unique and appealing work, you don’t want to put it down. In this stylish format and one of Shakespeare’s shortest magical comedies, it comes to life in a believable, current day storyline making you want to see the movie and the original play by Shakespeare himself. Phenomenal cast for the movie, The Tempest, makes the shots come to life even more than if a skilled artist rendered the pictures in still-life form. If you’re a Shakespeare fan or just a movie buff, this book is a collector’s dream.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,