by Meg Nolan Van Reesema

Rizzoli, $50.00, 202 pages

Caribbean Hideaways: Discovering Enchanting Rooms and Private Villas is a book where dreams are born and to be fulfilled.  Every page offers a fantasy, fun-filled vacation getaway or a life-changing adventure waiting for you to participate. The exciting thing about this particular book is that these are secret hideaways, places that most likely won’t show up on or These are the intimate places that only the most affluent get to see and enjoy. While the pictures alone will entertain you for hours idealizing your retirement days in a villa overlooking the ocean on one of the infamous bays of the Caribbean islands, this books offers more in the way of description narratives about the various locations, such as; Hermitage Bay, Cobblers Cove, Itopia and Jade Mountain. Even if you’re merely planning a simple and inexpensive vacation to the Caribbean, you’ll want to own this work, and get a feel for what all these islands have to offer. From Montego Bay to Isle De France, this is the quintessential encyclopedic work on the Caribbean islands which gives anyone a bird’s eye view of how the other half lives.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,