by an Oregonian Physician Press, $17.95, 52 pages

A Sponsored Review

Common Sense: A Booklet on How Simple It Is to Make Our Country Even Better by an Oregonian physician, who has chosen to remain anonymous is just that…good old fashioned common sense. Written with a didactic approach, it attempts to educate its readers on the current governmental downfalls, pitfalls and conundrums plaguing any administration. The booklet describes the author’s political beliefs . The challenges we face and extreme changes to our current systems are breezily and non-confrontationally explored by the author, it references websites, documents and our own Constitution. Taxation without representation, proportional representation, campaign-finance reform, health-care reform, the national debt and an Article V Convention are only a few of the topics dissected and analyzed, and presents some solution options with arguments for the rationale. The author cites that “83% of Americans are very concerned about corruption in our government” and, “only 32% of Americans are satisfied with the position of the U.S. in the world…”

Whether you avidly agree with this author’s philosophies or not, this booklet inspires deep thought and reflective contemplation on where we are as the richest, most powerful nation in the world and how we use that power. It provokes reflection about one’s own political beliefs, wary awareness of realities and often times, extreme anger with the realization of hidden truths, inspiring one to get out their number two pencil, punch the chad completely through and mark their calendar for the next chance to vote. Footnotes and references abound allowing the reader to use these tools to form their own conceptual ideology on government. This booklet will enlighten or enhance your perceptions of our current government and if nothing else, drive home the fact that we cannot change without accurate knowledge and individual action.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,