by Glen Cook

Nightshade Books, $16.95, 570 pages

If you are a science fiction fan or enjoyed reading both the Black Company and the Dread Empire series, you will be happy to know that author Glen Cook’s early works have been combined in a collection called Darkwar. First released in 1985 and 1986, this trilogy follows Marika, a being who is part canine and part human. This trilogy is a great read because it is a combination of sci-fi, space travel and fantasy.

In Doomstalker, the first novel of the trilogy, Cook introduces Marika. She is just a young pup struggling to survive. On her planet winters are harsh and getting longer. Nomads roam the land searching for strong communities to invade. As Marika matures she finds that she holds a deadly power within herself. When her Packstead is invaded by desperate nomads will she be able to help? Warlock, the second book of the saga, focuses on other societies found in Marika’s world. Cook’s main character becomes less sympathetic with her growing ruthlessness. The final novel, Ceremony, finds Marika traveling in space. If Marika can harness her mental power she may be able to save both her people and her world.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin