search-for-truthBy Kaza Kingsley
Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, $16.99, 427 pages

Erec Rex: The Search for Truth is the third installment in the Erec Rex series. If you haven’t stumbled across the first two books, then you most likely won’t understand everything that is going on in this third book; unless, of course, you have read another wildly popular book series about three friends who attend a wizarding school in a magical world complete with dragons, castles, and spells. The similarities are too numerous to list. If you know what happens to Harry Potter, you know what happens to Erec Rex. However, Kaza Kingsley does illuminate her idiosyncratic imagination, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Erec Rex is a thirteen-year-old boy with dragon eyes that reveal to him cloudy thoughts, visions of the future. He must complete several quests in order to save Upper Earth and his other home, Alypium. During these quests, Erec must rescue his friends, find out what happened to his parents, and figure out why he is so drawn to King Piter’s scepter. Aside from the fact it’s been done before and the pitiful token potty-humor, there are definite elements of this tale that sweep you away and keep you reading and waiting for the next installment in the Erec Rex series.

Reviewed by M Chris Johnson