by Jon S. Lewis
Thomas Nelson Press, $14.99, 336 pages

When sixteen-year-old Colt McAllister’s parents are killed in a car crash, he discovers it wasn’t an accident.  His mother, an investigative journalist, was planning on releasing a story that would reveal the mind-control secrets of the powerful biotech corporation; Trident Industries. John S. Lewis’s Invasion is the first book in the CHAOS series for young adults.  When Colt is recruited to join a top secret group of combat fighters, he learns that monsters and aliens have come to Earth through invisible gateways that connect the planet to other worlds.  Earth and its citizens are in jeopardy and it is up to Colt and his friends Oz (a champion fighter) and Danielle (a computer whiz) to find out the truth behind Trident Industries before it is too late.

Action, intrigue, and even a little romance fill every page.  The sci-fi and fantasy themes in Invasion are perfect for boys, girls, and parents who’d like to share in the adventure.  Superheroes and villains are around every corner.  From death-defying flights by jet-pack and flying motorcycles, to shape shifting aliens, readers will enjoy Colt’s adventures.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin