by Deb Lucke

Clarion Books, $16.99, 40 pages

Does your head ever feel stuffed full of useless knowledge?  Do you ever wish you could empty it out?  Once there was a little boy who felt this way. He emptied his head by sneezing. Author Deb Lucke tells the hilarious story of his powerful sneezes in Sneezenesia. The little boy sneezes so hard that he forgets his own name and what his mom looks like. He even sneezes all the Presidents out of his memory.  He does not mind forgetting that information but he doesn’t like it when he sneezes out the good stuff – the dinosaurs he knows and his favorite baseball team.

What will the boy do to get this information back inside?  Boys and girls will love the silly illustrations. The pictures really capture the movement of sneezes and how loud and violent they can be. President Richard Nixon clinging to strands of green mucus as he slides out of a nostril is sure to be a favorite illustration. Get ready for some super sneezes in this entertaining story.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin