by David Bruins and Hilary Leung

Kids Can Press, $16.96, 32 pages

In the second installment of the story of three very different friends; Ninja, Cowboy, and Bear, Ninja must learn an important lesson. While Cowboy and Bear prefer more peaceful, relaxed, and injury free activities, Ninja only wants to have fun his way. Ninja enjoys adventures that are too daring or dangerous for his friends. When his activities actually cause injury, Cowboy and Bear decide not to participate in any more of Ninja’s activities. The visually appealing and at times hilarious Japanese anime style illustrations depicted in a comic book frame renders the simple words on the page all but unnecessary. This story is meant for children at the age where social customs of friendships are being explored. While the plot and verbiage seem overly simplistic, the message comes through loud and clear; the way of the ninja is not the only way to have fun.

Reviewed by Rachelle Barrett