by Janet Evanovich,  Alex Evanovich

Dark Horse Books, $17.99, 109 pages

The good news is Trouble Maker – Book Two written by Janet Evanovich and her daughter, Alex Evanovich with illustrations by Joelle Jones is right on the heels of Book One. Fans didn’t need to wait long for the next installment in this engaging saga. With our little band of heroes arriving in the Florida Keys looking for their friend Walter Percy who, as we previously discovered in Book One, is right in the middle of Rosa’s kidnapping. The story jumps right in with chase scenes, serious produce fights, explosions in a dark swamp in the middle of the night, cynical mystery partners, buried treasure, stolen statues and kidnappings keeping this tale moving in an amusing and fast-paced clip. Page-turning entertainment in this all-too-short graphic novel of Barney and Hooker’s adventures in finding the criminals of these hi-jinks, keeps any reader hooked and wanting more. Both authors and illustrator have quite a curriculum vitae between them all including a New York Times best-selling series, awards and nominations and many other books. This reviewer hopes they continue to collaborate their talents and keep putting out this delightful series. No two words were sadder to see as…The End.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,