by Carl Warner

Abrams Image, $22.95, 128 pages

Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes is a thrill to view. It’s a surreal, inspiring and fascinating work. At first glance you seen a farm off in the distance with fields ready to yield their harvest; a wagon in the forefront filled with garlic. Then, upon closer inspection, the fence is actually made out of kidney beans and the silo is made of Swiss cheese! Or how about the broccoli forest, the underwater seascape with fish made out of radishes and kiwis, lemon hot-air balloons, mashed potato mountains and bread walls. The images are breathtaking and a delight to figure out what everything actually is.

More than a coffee table book this artfully designed volume is a whole new conversation piece and will entice the viewer, drawing them in to a world of food and imagination put together by the possibilities captured only with the true eye of an artist. Speaking of the artist, this beautifully bound book takes the reader on a voyage of the process, how Warner pulled this off and the immense work it took to do even just one food landscape let alone the hundreds he and his team has composed.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,