Published by: Brian Carabet & John Shand

Panache Partners, $60.00, 272 pages

This has to be one of the best laid out travel books out there! Multiple pictures on the pages makes a fresh, clean atmosphere for the dialogue to market British Columbia in the fullness it lives up to and the people that make this destination so inviting. Picturesque landscapes accompany bustling city scenes with a smartly enticing marketing plan leading the viewer on a journey to all the desirable locales of interest available. Experience British Columbia with an introduction by basketball player Steve Nash, is aptly named leaving the viewer pining for the appetizing restaurants, the luxurious spas, adrenaline-fueled white-water rafting tours, cultural boutiques and tourist attractions. Beautifully broken into five gorgeous sections of; Enjoy – Sights and Attractions, Appreciate – Arts and Culture, Relax – Hotels and Spas, Indulge – Restaurants and Lounges and Shop – Boutiques and Showrooms, the book covers the gamut even to include British Columbia’s biggest business and industries. This book was published in tandem with The Steve Nash Foundation that encourages and promotes “thoughtful solutions to community needs”. You will never be disappointed with this breathtaking masterpiece of work.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,