by Dawn Schiller

Medallion Press, $19.95, 478 pages

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the Wonderland murders of 1981 and the central figure in those murders – John Holmes. Many have speculated about him and his past but author Dawn Schiller actually lived it. In The Road Through Wonderland Schiller provides a chilling look at the life of Holmes and the events leading up to the infamous murders. She paints a gruesome portrait of drugs and abuse and shares the story of how she survived this life of torture. This book is a must read, even for those who may not be familiar with the back story. Schillers’ writing is gripping and the reader gets sucked in to this twisted tale. The story is so shocking it’s hard to believe that she survived through these terrifying events. This book is hard to put down and definitely provokes the reader to want to continue to see what happens next. Schiller is incredibly brave for sharing her story with the world and I can only hope that she has made peace with everything that happened. This is by far the best book I have read in months and I highly encourage anyone reading this to go pick it up!

Reviewed by Nicole Will