by Brody Hartman, Dr. Richard Steckel and Michele Steckel

Kids Can Press, $18.95, 72 pages

If you could pass on one bit of wisdom to future generations, what would it be? Brody Hartman, Dr. Richard Steckel and Michele Steckel asked 400 adults and children from around the world. Their answers have been compiled in Wise at Heart: Children and Adults Share Words of Wisdom. This book contains a wonderful group of quotes, poems and advice that will touch all who read it. Each piece of wisdom is accompanied by photographs of children from all over the globe. The pictures show just how diverse our world really is. Contributions by Jane Goodall, Tom Hanks, Eric Carle and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, just to name a few, add to the inspiring nature of this collection. Some of the most powerful quotes are from children themselves. For example, 5 year old Adam says “When my friends fall, I help pick them up.” How can so young a boy have such insight into one of life’s greatest lessons? Teachers and parents can use this book as a way to start conversations about different cultures, races, ages, religions and beliefs. Ask children to share wisdom with you and share your experiences and life lessons with them.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin