by Shana Connell Noyes

Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $16.95, 128 pages

Parents, would you like to get to know the most important people in your life? Who? Your children. You may think you already know them. But if you ask questions and only get one word answers, there is a book that can help you create stronger relationships. Check out Get to Know Your Kid.

This is no ordinary guide to parenting. Author Shana Connel Noyes has put together a diary/scrapbook/journal for you to use with your child. Studies show that children respond in greater length and detail when asked open-ended questions. Parents, you can strengthen your active listening skills by being non-judgmental and putting your needs aside to focus attention on your child. Ask questions and be prepared to hear and learn things you never knew.

Noyes takes the idea of having a memorable conversation a step farther. She challenges parents to record the answers. Each page has one thought-provoking question on top and a blank space below. Sample queries include, What is your favorite game? Do you ever feel shy? What one meal at home would you eat all the time? Get this book as a gift for yourself and your child. You both deserve it.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin