by Erin R Doland and David Allen

Simon and Schuster, $15.00, 237 pages

The forward to this book is by David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, is a draw for many.  He prescribes very simple methods for using what you have your way for completing all the tasks on your plate. This book did not disappoint. It helps to ask yourself simple questions, to help you get through your clutter, and keep what is important and meaningful. The 7-day model this book is based on could be achieved by some in just 7-days. Others may find that “Monday” tasks may take a week. Using this book as a guide through your process will keep you on track.

One of the great aspects of this book is how it doesn’t say you have to buy a bunch of organizing tools. You can accomplish what you need with what you have, in the space you currently have. Another great thing is it takes into account your personality. Not everyone processes in the same way, and not everyone can unclutter in the same way. It also brings to light that not everyone in your household will be an unclutterer, but it gives you suggestions on how to work with them.

Reviewed by Janet Wright