by Sarah Rayne

Felony & Mayhem Press, $14.95, 407 pages

Recently demoted journalist Harry Fitzglen is annoyed to be given the fluff assignment of covering a new art gallery opening. His interest is piqued, however, when he learns that the co-owner of the gallery is Simone Anderson, one half of formerly conjoined twins who disappeared from the public eye when they were infants. In his quest to solve the mystery, Harry stumbles upon records of another set of twins born a century earlier that may be connected to Simone. Pursuing this lead points Harry to a crumbling mansion on the Welsh border, Mortmain House, a foreboding place with a dark history. But bringing the truth to light can be dangerous and Harry may be unleashing secrets that put Simone’s life in danger.

With A Dark Dividing, author Sarah Rayne has created a mystery with supernatural elements that slowly builds tension throughout the book. She slowly builds an atmosphere that is unnerving and tense as the stories, both present and past, are revealed. Using more classical elements of mystery and the paranormal in ways that are reminiscent of Henry James or Wilkie Collins, the author has crafted a novel that is riveting and hard to put down.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern