By A.R. Rotruck, Wizards of the Coast, $12.95, 80 pages

Written as a guide for young wizards that want to start hunting monsters, How To Trap A Zombie is more than meets the eye. Not only is it a book for adventurous tweens, it’s a must have for moms, librarians and the teachers that work with them.

When I first received the book, I thought it was going to be just a run-of-the-mill guide with made-up stories for young imaginations. I was thoroughly surprised when I opened it to find not only descriptions of monsters and how to trap them, but also interactive recipes and crafts that kids can create at their own homes. Hands down, this is definitely one of the most entertaining and beautifully illustrated instruction manuals that I have ever seen.

While this book is from the publishers of Dungeons & Dragons and makes several references to the series, it can stand all on its own for anyone lacking D&D knowledge. I’d highly recommend this book to any and every person with an adventurous tween in their life.

Reviewed by Missy Wadkins