by Lisa Finander

Quirk Books, $16.95, 370 pages

The next time someone asks you about your sign, you can ask them about their Disney character. In the practice of astrology, people look to the day of birth to learn about themselves. Take astrology and add a little bit of Disney and you get Disneystrology: What Your Birthday Character Says About You, Lisa Finander’s fun and informative book.

Disneystrology is a mix of astrology, tarot and numerology. Instead of focusing on signs, she uses all things Disney. Fans of Disney know there is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a Disney character. Use this book to find your personal animated friend. Just turn to your birthday to discover the character that shares your capabilities, personality traits and outlook on life. Each page features a color photo, a horoscope and offers suggestions about how to make the most of your strengths. Were you born on May 20th? Your character is Russell from Up. He has a warm heart, a taste for adventure and is optimistic. Are you? Add a little Disney magic to a friend’s special day by sharing their character with them. You can capture that magic all year by using the book as a daily horoscope. Let the celebrating begin!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin