by Gregory Paolini

The Taunton Press, $24.95, 122 pages

Why does it cost so much to replace kitchen cabinets? Well, new cabinets can completely transform a space. When done well, they can greatly add to the value of the overall home. And you are paying the carpenters to make that happen. But there is nothing mysterious about cabinet work. If you use a source like Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple you will reduce the cost of labor because you’ll be making cabinets in no time. Gregory Paolini will be your guide in this multi-media approach to learning. In both the illustrated book and informational DVD, Paolini will lead you on a journey that follows a cabinet from start to finish. The book begins by teaching you how to plan. You’ll be instructed on how to take measurements, what tolls you’ll need and given hints about organizing your work. The chapters that follow focus on specific jobs you’ll tackle. There are directions for how to build a basic cabinet, a base cabinet, a wall cabinet, a face frame, a drawer box and more. The book also covers installation of hardware and ways to finish the wood. Take one last look at your old cabinets and picture your new cabinets instead.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin