by Dr. Matthew Maberry, Patricia Maberry as told to Michelle Trappen

Arnica Publishing, $19.95, 180 pages

Packy & Me: The Incredible Tale of Doc Maberry and the Baby Elephant Who Made Historyby Dr. Matthew Maberry and Patricia Maberry and Michelle Trappen, is an inspiring bird’s eye accounting of one of Portland’s biggest and brightest moments in history…the birth of Packy, the elephant! Dr. Maberry takes readers on a play-by-play of Packy’s entire birth event but it doesn’t stop there. He recalls the history of Portland’s Zoo, once known as The Oregon Zoo, and the transformations, fund raising and growth it went through over the years. This book is a goldmine of information on the zoo’s challenges, historical successes and failures. Maberry also generously gives an account of his own upbringing, adding in a mixture of influential people and events.

Readers will consume every word, following the progression of Packy’s birth at a time of ignorance and innocence. So much is now known about the elephants’ natural habitats and existence because of this man who once struggled to become a veterinarian and with all his heart wanted to help animals and humans coexist peacefully and naturally. Brilliantly written with historical pictures, documentation, biographical credits and heart-wrenching compassion, this inside accounting of Packy’s history, birth and future with the Portland Zoo will captivate any reader. Endearing, compelling, mesmerizing, and enlightening, Packy & Me is guaranteed to entertain any reader!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,

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