By Jenna Black, St. Martin’s Griffin, $9.99, 304 pages

Shadowspell is a magical tale about a young girl named Dana who is a Fairywalker. She’s half fairy and half human who could bring modern technology into the fairies’ world and fairy magic into the humans’ world. In this book, her close friend, Ethan gets captured by the Erlking, an immortal that hunts fairies and humans at will. Only a few things might be able to save him from the Erlking. Luckily the queens of the fairy courts had made a deal permitting him to hunt only when they say he can, but that doesn’t mean good news for Dana, who is on the queens’ bad side. Unfortunately there is also another villain in Jenna’s book, Dana’s aunt Grace, a power mad woman who is trying to kill one of the queens. This book has amazing detail and a stunning storyline. Now my only question is how author Jenna Black will finish the series.

Reviewed by Leona Johnson