By Jodi Kahn, Potter Craft, $19.99, 128 pages

I consider myself a crafty person, but perhaps not very into crafts. There seems to be a flooding of little craft project books floating around. It’s difficult to find one that really stands out. This one, though it has a couple of projects that really interested me, like shrinkable plastic charms and the pillowcase tote bag, didn’t really provide the level of inspiration I expected. It’s no surprise that the Pillowcase Tote stood out to me, as the author also has a book titled, “Simply Sublime Bags.” I’m really interested in that one. These “gifts” tended to show a lot of tricks with iron on transfers. A cool trick in some cases, but I’m not apt to pull out an iron for my own clothes, let alone making gifts for someone else. A redeeming quality can be found with some of the projects that focus on reuse and recycling, I only wish the items looked more…recycled. Like the cereal box gift tags, super cute and an idea I will borrow for my scrapbooks. While worth a look-see at a bookstore or a checkout from my local library, I don’t see myself spending full-price on this book.

Reviewed by Janet Wright