By Sophy Burnham, Tarcher, $24.95, 269 pages

When you get a feeling that suggests you should or shouldn’t do something, do you listen? These inner encouragements or warnings are part of intuition. Bestselling author Sophy Burnham offers guidance on how to follow these hunches in her new book called The Art of Intuition: Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom. Burnham believes that everyone possesses psychic abilities but some people may have to strengthen their skills in order to benefit from them.

The book includes exercises and instructions to help you practice being intuitive. One interesting section of the book focuses on ways premonitions and extrasensory perception play a role in keeping us safe. Burnham provides examples of documented moments when people have had forebodings and, because they listened, lived to tell their stories. One such story is of a man who canceled his voyage on the Titanic because he had a hunch that he shouldn’t go. Burnham, along with others, changed her flight reservation from September 11, 2001 to another day after having felt uneasy about flying. After reading this book, you will be better prepared to trust your own instincts.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin