by Herve Tullet

Abrams Books, $14.50, 96 pages

If your child or student told you that their book had a hole in it, you’d look into having it repaired. That is not the case with Herve Tullet’s newest book, The Book with a Hole, where every page has a huge hole right in the middle! No repairs are necessary. All kids need is a creative imagination and a desire to have fun.

Tullet’s black and white illustrations take up both the left and right pages, and the center is left blank for invention. Sometimes the hole is a monster’s mouth (What will you feed it?); sometimes it’s a plate (with food drawn by the reader on a sheet of paper placed behind the book). Some pages have examples to show how to use the illustrations. A big camera can be held up to a magazine to “take a picture.” What will fill the cooking pot? A cityscape calls for the addition of a tall 3D building. A high school drama class could use this book during warm up exercises. Teachers will love making a class book based on Tullet’s idea. This is one crazy book that readers of any age will love with their “hole” heart.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin