By Jane Yolen, Random House, $16.00, 32 pages

The loss of a pet is hard on anyone, especially on children. Books are often useful tools to help parents explain the process to their kids. Jane Yolen’s book The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye is a beautiful story of a sweet kitty’s enjoyable last day. Tiger Rose has lived a full life filled with love and adventure. It is her time to say goodbye to the people, animal, and special secret spots that have made her life a fulfilling one. In this book, death is treated as a natural event, a part of life, and a process that is both an ending and a beginning. Jim LaMarche’s breathtaking illustrations make the story complete. His use of soft and soothing colors calm the reader and make it even more of a special reading experience.

Anyone who has owned a pet or loved an animal will cherish and take comfort in this tale of how Tiger Rose fearlessly accepts her fate, uses her last day to find closure, and prepares to move on to the next adventure. Parents can use this story as a way to bridge a sensitive topic and to discuss the meaning of life and death and a sensitive, gentle, and thought-provoking way.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin