by Jo Coudert

Harlequin, $12.95, 189 pages

This is a book of short stories about the amazing things that happen to all concerned when humans and their animal friends interact. Indeed the title says it all. These true animal stories are touching and heartwarming. Some of them are sad, but they are always inspirational. Keep your tissues close by! The writing is excellent, bringing you through each story at a good pace with never a slow or boring moment.  Each tale is unique, some about encounters with domesticated animals, others with animals from the wild. This reviewer would be hard pressed to pick just one favorite.

Author Jo Coudert has written nine books, and The Dog Who Healed a Family is her latest. Any animal lover would enjoy having this compilation at hand, whether taking a reading break at home or waiting for an appointment. The stories are so absorbing that time flies.  Someone who is indifferent to animal life might not be converted by this lovely little book, but any animal lover will find it a complete treat.

Reviewed by Rosalie West