by C.A.P. Saucier

Prometheus Books, $16.00, 128 pages

Do you remember when Lucy, the most famous fossil in history, was found? It was 1974 in Ethiopia. The Lucy Man documents the discovery of the first skeleton of an upright-walking human ancestor. Author CAP Saucier takes readers back to the moment of the life-altering find and explores how it changed what we know about human evolution. The work of paleoanthropologist Dr. Donald C. Johanson is based on the theory of evolution. The author recognizes the controversy surrounding both creation and evolution theories, but rather than spout dogma, she maintains objectivity throughout. This book would be a wonderful supplement for a child who has had both theories removed from the school curriculum. The level of writing is perfect for middle school students who are beginning to understand scientific topics such as evolution. The author provides definitions of new words and describes new ideas. The pictures are fascinating and may be just what a child needs to get excited about the study of anthropology and science in general. Readers will feel like they were a part of that fateful dig and will be able to sense the excitement felt when Lucy was found.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin