by James Olson

Origin Press, $21.95, 335 pages

Don’t expect a panacea from this book; it does not cover how to convince all left-brain dominant and right-brain dominant individuals that they should compromise (i.e. Democrats and Republicans). Part One takes a look at the universe and how we see it, Part Two goes more into the science and theory of the two halves of the brain. Part Three relates the finding from the prior parts and aims toward how using left- and right-brain thinking could lead to peaceful solutions to conflict. This book has been researched over 30 years and contains 30 pages of end notes and bibliography. The most heavily referenced volumes are The Urantia Book and A Course in Miracles. For those individuals seeking balance in a world of polarization, this book covers all theory behind why they might feel out of balance and attempts to prove that we can shift our individual perspectives to even the scales. This book would be a good read for those seeking this help, having interest in neuroscience, or dabbling in philosophy.

Reviewed by Janet Wright