by Dan Borris

Abrams, $12.95, 112 pages

At yoga studios across the nation the latest class that has all canines drooling is Doggie Yoga. After seeing a friend’s dog imitate a yoga routine, photographer Dan Borris decided to create a book of images of dogs doing yoga. With the help Photoshop he has compiled these photos in Yoga Dogs.

Consider this book a guide for dogs who want to take up yoga to gain peace and serenity. Many breeds are featured including Basset Hounds, Dalmatians, Poodles, Retrievers and Chows. In addition to the photos, Borris provides the history of dog yoga, bits of dog wisdom, Zen sayings and enlightening thoughts that will encourage any dog to sign up for a class. An “authentic” tintype dated 1898 shows a Guru pug at a school in Bombay. The photos that follow are hilarious. A wiener dog rests with his back legs extended in the Supported Shoulder Stand Pose. This pose greatly benefits digestion, reduces fatigue and calms the brain. The Tree Pose, Hero Pose, Reclining Big Toe Pose and Eagle pose are some of the more advanced moves. Yoga lovers, dog lovers or anyone who enjoys funny photography should get this book.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin