Well, we got our second issue out! What a relief that was to “put it to bed” as they say. As I delivered our papers from distribution site to distribution site, I was struck by how connected so many of our neighborhoods are within themselves and yet interwoven within each city in our Tri-County area. There are books about that. Pocket neighborhoods and communities make up much of who we are, the area in which we live and how we relate to one another as people.

You see folks working in their beautifully ornate yards, others are having garage sales, working on their cars, walking their dogs together, riding bikes, shopping in local shops, children playing with their yards and sometimes even in the street fills each neighborhood in its own special way. There are books about all of that.

How about sidewalk chalk art, the activities in the city such as on the Waterfront & in Pioneer Square, restaurants with patios that are finally getting used with the coming of summer – it is coming, right?! Shops with their doors standing wide open to let in the fresh air loom on every corner. There are books about those too! In fact, there probably isn’t a topic or subject out there that someone, somewhere hasn’t written about, often multiple times with as many different perspectives.

To me, that’s the most exciting part, to be able to experience something, an event in history, a piece of art in nature, death, love or just to meet every day people through another’s eyes…and, guess what? There are books about all that!

So get out there, experience life, if not in your own life, then live it through someone else’s words! You won’t regret it.

M. Chris Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

M. Chris Johnson, Editor-in-Chief