By Jennifer Armintrout, $7.99, 330 pages

10Not your normal vampire story, American Vampire by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Armintrout is actually more of a science fiction, monster, fantasy, and romance tale all in one. The story begins with our hero non-chalant vampire, Graf, on his way to his mentor’s home for a party, only he gets lost and ends up rescuing the beautiful human Jessa from a massive bloodthirsty monster in an abandoned old gas station. They go back to Jessa’s farm in the small town of Penance. Graf finds out he is the only one who has entered this town in five years and no one has ever been able to leave in all that time either. The townspeople are your friendly sort and have their own ways of dealing with their situation.

This book covers it all! From HBO’s True Blood to the bizarre tales of The Twilight Zone, the excitement surges from the very first pages and keeps you charged as you hang on to the end. At times, you begin to wonder if it’s a monster story or a romance novel but Armintrout masterfully brings the two together adding exceptional entertainment to both genres. American Vampire is a fast-paced treat to read!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,