by Debra Moffitt

St. Martin’s Griffin,$6.99, 158 pages

Welcome back Pink Locker Society! Middle school girls need you now more than ever! Jemma, Piper, and Kate specialize in answering questions about anything, especially PBBs (Periods, Bras, and Boys). In the last book, the secret Pink Locker Society (PLS) was shut down after two jealous classmates hacked into the website. Now the three friends are reopening the PLS in Debra Moffitt’s new book The Pink Locker Society: Best Kept Secrets.

Instead of working from their super secret office hidden behind their lockers, they decide to work from the school basement. Let’s just say it lacks charm. When they aren’t busy answering questions, they have boy problems of their own. Jemma’s life-long crush Forrest has lots of girls interested in him. But when she hears that Piper, as in her best friend Piper, secretly asked Forrest to the Backwards Dance, Jemma is crushed. Can the Pink Locker Society help each other? Real answers are provided to questions in the book. If you like the series, check out, a companion website that includes a blog and a Q+A section where readers can interact with the characters. Think Pink!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin