By Lisa Harris, Zondervan, $14.99, 295 pages

10Dropped right in middle of a political battle between government forces and renegade Ghost Soldiers, Dr. Paige Ryan’s only goal was to set up a refugee transit camp for the millions of refugees forced to leave their homes. Caught in the middle, Dr. Paige enlists the help of pilot Nick Gilbert to fly in supplies. Just as they were finally making a dent in the problem, something more deadly comes to call. They must rely on their faith to give them the strength to keep going.

A well written book is one that captures your attention and makes you think and Blood Covenant does just that. Set in the heart of Africa, this story opens your eyes to the struggle and issues of food, water and sanitation that are common in real life.

Lisa Harris did a good job combining the entire character’s story into one flowing plot. Although, written mostly from the perspective of Dr. Paige, you get a glimpse of the government forces, the Ghost Soldiers and what they believe they were fighting for. Most enjoyable is how she was able to show all sides of the story objectively but also make each side have a personal stake in the issue. If you like adventure and suspense, you’ll like this book. I found myself getting lost in the lives of the characters and the struggles they went through.

Reviewed by Rebecca Eischen