By Dave Horowitz

Putnam Juvenile, $16.99, 32 pages

Buy My Hats starts out at the City Market with Frank and Carl having a hat booth and selling hats. Nobody was interested, and they sold only one hat all day. The next booth where the Skate Monkey sold seventy-five skateboards, the hat booth was getting very discouraged. Their smiles turned to frowns. Then along came Mister Pig who sold a Cup of Mud and the line was so long it reached around the block. Frank and Carl were beside themselves as all the other vendors were doing a wonderful job selling their items. Then one day the unthinkable happened, it rained. After lowering their price to $1.00 they raised it to a whopping $10.00.

I felt sorry for the two salesmen. It almost made me want to jump into the story to buy a hat. The story was fun and a great lesson that teaches children not to give up, but give it your best shot. Success is not always fast, and it touches a special place in all of us. The illustrations were bright, clear and very nicely done which complemented the story. I am an owner of many hats, now when I wear one, I smile when I remember this creative little story.

Reviewed by Rhonda Fischer