By Joan Ford, The Taunton Press, $24.95, 202 pages

10The author of this marvelously well organized book, with her background in accounting, turned to sewing for relaxation. She brings all her organizational skills to this work, and the method she developed and named “Scrap Therapy,” documented in this book, is now being taught in sewing and craft stores throughout the United States.

By using just three different widths of strips cut from your collection of fabric scraps, you can complete 20 different quilting projects. First she shows you exactly how to prepare, cut and organize these fabric scraps in seven very well thought out steps: Getting Started; Cutting; Sorting; Selecting a Theme; Gadgets and Tools to Save Time; Piecing and Sewing; and Finishing the Project. Throughout the book, the author includes helpful hints to make the job easier and more fun. As a bonus, her techniques easily transfer from quilting alone to all your other sewing projects. Nicely done illustrations make every step clear and easy to follow. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, this reviewer highly recommends adding Cut the Scraps! to your sewing library.

Reviewed by Rosalie West