by J. Robert King

Angry Robot, $7.99, 327 pages

Susan Gardner wakes up after a month long coma to discover that she is the only survivor of a plane crash bombed by the Death’s Disciples, a terrorist group. Suffering from amnesia, she can’t remember anything about who she is or what she did before the crash. Called the Flight 311 Miracle, Susan wants to help the government find those responsible in any way she can. She agrees to submit to regression therapy, and while under, she begins to hear the voices of the 361 passengers who died on the plane. J. Robert King, author of 20 plus books, has written a fascinating mystery in Death’s Disciples. Susan trusts the FBI agents assigned to protect her post-crash. Sergeant Steve Krupinski knows that the terrorist group will likely come after Susan to silence her. He puts his life on the line to protect her. But things are not all that they seem to be. Susan needs to remember her past because her memories might be the key to stopping any further terrorist attacks. And she still has to deal with the 361 voices in her mind, all of whom have their own opinions of how to proceed. This book doesn’t disappoint.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin