by Cat Adams

Tor Forge, $14.99, 389 pages

The living vampire/siren/human bodyguard Celia Graves is back in this third book of the series written under the name of Cat Adams, a collaboration between C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. This increasingly complicated installment is filled with mysteries to resolve, ghosts to lay to rest, discovering the fall of ancient civilizations and their magical influences, love triangles, sirens, surprising twists and allies, and wine tasting.

Oh, and a rift from hell… which is generally never a good thing.

From the moment Celia woke to find herself a living vampire, to the surprise of her siren heritage on her mother’s side, Celia has struggled with great losses, both of friends and of her humanity. In this book, readers see Celia working to learn to accept herself, with the same sardonic humor she’s always had, and her romantic life opens up as well, but as the world goes to hell around her, those she loves romantically and otherwise will end up directly in the line of fire, showing Celia that sometimes even she can’t save everyone.

Reviewed by Axie Barclay