By Meredith Badger, Feiwel & Friends, $12.99, 141 pages

10“Inside the car…was much more roomy. There was a bathroom. And a sauna. There was even a very small movie theater.”

Elly Knottleweed-Eversprightly got kicked out of school. That happens to some kids but Elly is not just some kid. She is a fairy and most fairies love school. They wear pink dresses, carry sparkling wands, and learn to fly. Elly would rather wear jeans and ride skateboards. Author Meredith Badger has created a funny and independent character to star in her book Fairy School Dropout: Undercover. When Elly’s parents leave for a top-secret fairy convention, they plan to enroll Elly at Cherrydale Fairy Academy. But Elly knows it is a strict school. Kids can only let their feet touch the ground three times a day. Elly convinces her parents to let her stay with her best friend Jess. Being undercover at a human school should be easy for Elly. But something strange is happening. Students are part of a Fairy Club and they dress and act like fairies. The school smells like magic. Is there another undercover fairy? Kids will enjoy this fast-paced chapter book. Readers will wish they had a fairy best friend to help them with homework, give them flying lessons, and turn bologna sandwiches into chocolate!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin