by Elizabeth Rusch, Illustrations by Lou Fancher,  Steve Johnson

Tricycle Press, $16.99, 32 pages

For the Love of Music is a wonderful story of Maria Anna Mozart, the sister of Wolfgang Mozart we really never got to learn about. She was enchanting, a wonder and a child genius that Wolfgang admired and wanted to emulate, and soon surpassed. Both children were gifted, but Mozart’s father could only afford to show off one child. Since Wolfgang played way beyond his years, was a male, he was the chosen one.  For the Love of Music shows a love for a brother and sister and how they played duets, worked on music, and played traveling events together. Throughout the story children will learn words like, Ffzorando, Ritardando, Fermata, Cadenza, and more from each segment’s musical heading.

The art by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher is amazing and fits the time period beautifully. The detail was phenomenal and enhanced the story. The rich and fascinating flora and fauna of this area of Europe rises off the pages. You can almost hear the music in your mind as the story unfolds. The only caveat is that could have mentioned Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart only had one teacher in his life, his father. I give this book two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Rhonda Fischer